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Perennial Supports – be creative!

Posted:19 April 2012

Now is the very best time to get your plant supports into place.  With growth on most perennials just starting, you can clearly see where the plants are and more easily get stakes or supports into position.

Of course, not just tall perennials – climbers, certain roses, even vegetables like broad and runner beans will need careful staking to avoid the plants collapsing as they grow in heavy rain and winds.  In March 2011 we wrote a post on decorative staking, CLICK HERE to read it again!

And note that we’re opening for the first time as one of Brighton’s myriad Artists Open Houses!  Our garden will be host to many wonderful artists and makers showing and selling all manner of garden-related items including Annemarie O’Sullivan’s willow balls and wigwams, and blacksmith Lorraine Philpott’s naturalistic structures – all ideal as plant supports…

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