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Allotment Gardening by Bridgette Saunders

Posted:20 October 2009

Allotments are not only functional places to grow vegetables, they are also peaceful havens in which you can relax, meet friends and exchange produce and tips.

Bridgette Saunders is an experienced horticulturalist, planstwoman and lecturer. She runs courses on allotment gardening from her home in Brighton and teaches at City College, Brighton and Hove, where she enjoys inspiring her students to grow a variety of plants, both edible and ornamental.

Bridgettes book Allotment Gardening, published this month, deals with all aspects of the allotment experience.  How to plan and design your allotment, whatever its size and aspect; considering the soil quality; what fruit, vegetables and flowers to plant; how to tackle pests, diseases and predators; and most importantly, what to do when the seasonal calendar.

The history of allotments is also covered: the Dig for Victory campaign during the war years, the subsequent decline of allotment-keeping in the 1960s and 70s, and the extraordinary rise in popularity in recent years.

Allotment Gardening is beautifully illustrated with photographs taken by Rhoda Nottridge.

ISBN: 9781847970220

Published: 22 October 2009

Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd

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