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Saturday The Daily Telegraph: The Great British Stake-off

Posted:17 April 2021

Thank you to The Daily Telegraph Gardening section (Saturday 17 April) for a wonderful feature highlighting the creative garden staking skills of Max Crisfield and Henry Macaulay here at The Garden House in Brighton!

We could not be more thrilled, and encourage you to buy the newspaper and read the full two-page spread.  The Gardening section of The Daily Telegraph is a must-read for us and many other garden enthusiasts every Saturday morning – go to  and sign up for The Telegraph Gardening Newsletter.

In the article, Max Crisfield says: “Today, most of us – whether we are drawn the chicest of contemporary design or all things ‘cottage core’ – try to garden in a low-impact, organic way, with an eye on wildlife and biodiversity.  We favour meadows over manicured lawns, self-sustaining plant communities over summer bedding; and when it comes to giving our plants a helping hand against gravity, it’s the natural, rustic approach that gets our creative juices flowing. 

For the past few years I have been teaching natural staking courses at the Garden House in Brighton with my friend Henry Macaulay.  Together, we recently returned to spend a gloriously sunny March day getting crafty with some freshly cut bundles of birch and hazel.  As spring settles in, now is the perfect time to practise the art of natural staking in your own garden.  Here’s all you need to know…”

Read more about when, how, techniques, creating frames for climbers and supports for pots, and enjoy giving your garden added drama with arches and tunnels, obelisks and tripods, hazel nests and cages.  Now is the moment!

Images courtesy of: Christopher Pledger @cchpledger, and Jonathan Buckley

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