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Some weeds are nice

Posted:5 November 2009

Aegopodium podagraria
get out of my area
youre even scarier
if a little less hairier
(if spines are hairs that are dense)
than Cirsium arvense
that grows ever more dense
as it creeps along my fence
and spoils the aesthetic sense
and gives me the fear
unlike Senecio jacobaea
that can almost appear
like a little yellow cheer
unless youre a steer
in which case youd better steer clear
because it will kill you.
Then into this milieu
comes Rumex obtusifolious
that is almost the holiest
for an Urtica sting
it will do its thing
and soothe your skin
in an act akin
to self sacrifice.
You see,
some weeds are nice

Poem by Renee McAlister (gardener, and Garden House friend)

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