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Walking the South Downs for charity Afasic

Posted:11 May 2020

Having been given permission by Mr. B Johnson and his crew to take a daily walk while locked-down I have decided, probably subliminally influenced by Captain Tom, to walk with a purpose! 

I am aiming to walk 150 miles in 30 days and I am hoping to raise money, with your support, for Afasic, a wonderful charity that supports parents and carers with children and young people who have difficulties with listening, talking and understanding others.

As a former teacher I supported several children with such additional communication needs and I know how brilliantly Afasic has been there to provide relevant practical help for the families involved.

My plan is to walk locally each day, along the seafront and the cliffs, up on to the South Downs, and along the rivers, (of course keeping in-line with the COVID-19 Government guidance), for the next four weeks doing about 5 miles a day, with the knowledge that not only am I trying to keep fit but also aiming to raise over £1,000 for Afasic.

At this incredibly difficult time funding and sponsorship is crucial. All money raised will go towards the helpline and information service.

The link to make a donation is… 

I am using the step counter on my phone to keep a track of my miles!

Thank you…



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