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A Celebration of the Seasons: June

Posted:17 June 2017

For the past year or so we’ve been running a monthly get together called A Celebration of the Seasons. It’s been a great success! Hardly surprising as there are many of us who enjoy the garden and countryside, and enjoy focussing on what the natural and ‘slow’ world has to offer each month. It’s a fine opportunity to enjoy a taste of the ‘good life’ in the city by bringing the joy of homegrown produce and seasonal activities into our busy lives!

At our monthly meetings we discover traditional ways of noticing, appreciating and embracing the changes in the seasons, and exploring how to make the best use of the produce you grow and what you find locally – in the garden, allotment, countryside and seaside.

Making elderflower cordial

Tuesday 7 June saw us visiting another garden in Hove. There we were invited to consider and explore the complimentary colours found in the plantings, what works and what doesn’t, and the sometimes surprising combinations of colour. We also were tasked with creating a small lavender bag, embroidering the front with a sprig or two of this marvellous June flower.

Sample lavender bags for inspiration!

Such concentration

We also learnt how to make elderflower cordial (the elderflower being a most beautiful sight in hedgerows and countryside at this time of year), and we taste-tested seasonal strawberries – which was better, Elsanta, Malling Centenary or Murano – opinions were divided!

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